Oriental Zen Suites    adopted   the   government Health and Safety
Guidelines governing the  operations of accommodation establishment
under the new normal in fight against Covid-19 Virus pandemic.

Under the new normal operations,
Oriental Zen Suites  has  created
the Guest Handling Policy in compliance with the government guidelines
in mitigating the transmission of Covid-19 virus, such as follows:

1. Guest must fill up a
Health   Declaration   Form   upon check-in.

2. Online   payment or  payment  through bank  deposit or telegraphic
transfer  is  highly recommended  to  all  guests  who  wish to book
with Oriental Zen Suites.

3. Checking of body temperature upon entering the building premises
is  required. Only guest  who is screened with body temperature of
36.5 deg centigrades up to 37.5 deg centigrades shall be allowed to
enter the hotel perimeter for check-in.

4. Guests  shall  undergo  proper  disinfection  such  as  sanitizing of
footwear using sanitizing mat and sanitizing their hands with a hand
sanitizer  placed  at the main entrance before entering the building

5. Physical   distancing   measures,  hand  hygiene,   and  respiratory
etiquette   shall   be  observed   during  handling  of  guests  at  the
check-in counter.

6. Guests   are   provided    with   appropriate   information   on   the
prevailing  disease   as   well  as the policies enforced by
Zen Suites to reduce the risk and spread of the virus.

7. Guests   are   informed   of   the   Management  Policies on room
occupancy   and   use   of   common  areas  to ensure safety and
reduce   risk  of   infection such as physical distancing, wearing of
face  mask,  proper  hand washing /  hand sanitizing practice shall
always be emphasized.

8. Guest   escorting   to   the   room shall   strictly follow the physical
distancing and in compliance with  the health and safety protocols
set by the Department of Health.