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Half-day Manila City Day Tour
    P 2, 550 .00 per person (min of 2persons)

    P 4, 35 0.00 for one person only
Inclusions :
- Roundtrip airconditioned transportation  from the hotel to city tour
- Entrance Fees
- Tour Guide Driver

Itinerary  :

Manila is a city of contrast, where old and new seamlessly combine. The tour shall cover he following
destinations, such as :  

- Rizal Park along Roxas Boulevard
  Central Park located in the old district
  of Ermita

- Walled City of Intramuros where old
   churches still exist.

- Financial and commercial center of

- American cemetery
- Reclaimed area and Mall of Asia
   Cultural Center Complex along Roxas

- Ample time for shopping is provided
   before returning to the point of origin


Pagsanjan Falls Day Tour Package

    P 5,300.00 per person   (min of 2 pax)
    P 9,800.00 per person   (1 pax only )
Inclusions :

- Roundtrip Transfer Manila-Laguna-Manila
- River Hotel-Falls-River Hotel Transfer
- Boat Riding To The Falls
- Lunch On The Riverside Hotel

One of the premiere world-class tourist destinations in the Philippines, is gifted with natural wonders and scenic views. Itis inarguably famous for its rapids. These aesthetic features of the town attract tourists for whom man-made and initiatedtourism support accommodations, facilities and services are focused.

The main attraction of the town is its natural wonders-the stark natural beauty of the Pagsanjan River, the awe-inspiringgorge, the breathtaking roaring rapids, and the spectacular world-famous water falls, the "Pagsanjan Falls".  With thedexterity and skill of boatmen who have spent their whole life on the river, a navigator and a pilot will safely guide your"banca" on an exciting two-hour journey. At times, you will be skimming through the gorge with walls of rock massformations and vines that rise up over a hundred meters. There will also be times when you will be tossed and twistedthrough the rapids as you speed downstream to the two towering waterfalls. Depending on the water height, there are atotal of 12 to 16 rapids altogether. Upon reaching the last major waterfalls, you can transfer from the banca to a bambooraft that will take you through the cascading water to a hidden cave (which looks like the profile of a devil) formed by thewalls of the gorge. It is an exhilarating, spine-tingling, andrenaline-pumping, two-hour boat ride from the BumbunganRiver to the "Pagsanjan Falls", whose booming water cascades down the 300-feet cliff in full view. The falling waters fillthe place with thunderous sound. Traveling along the watercourse and shooting the 16 roaring rapids is definitely one bigheart and nerve-breaking adventure.

Tagaytay Day Tour

P 3, 6 00.00  ( minimum of 2 persons )
    P 6, 4 00.00  (rate for 1 person only  )

    Inclusions :
    - Snack / Refreshments
    - Roundtrip transfer Manila hotel-Tagaytay-Manila hotel
    - Tour guide driver

    P 4,1 00.00 ( minimum of 2 persons)
    P 7, 4 00.00 (rate for 1 person only )

    Inclusions :
    - Lunch
    - Roundtrip transfer Manila hotel-Tagaytay-Manila hotel
    - Tour guide driver
Details of Tour  :

Located 2,250 ft abpove sea level, Tagaytay Ridge is 60 km drive southwest of Manila. It offers a panoramicview of Taal Volcano, the smallest and lowest volcano in the world. Taal Volcano oofers a deceptively tranquilsight, considering the violent history of past eruptions. In "Ripley's Believe or Not", it is described as a lakewithin an island within a volcano. On the way to the ridge, drive by country side scenery full of coconut andpineapple plantations. along the way, we will enjoy a tour stop to a church with a one-of-a-kind Bamboo organthat accompanies the Sunday Mass, and a Jeepney factory - only in the Philippines.

Villa Escudero Tour Package
Day Tour Package

Monday - Thursday   :
Adult                  : PHP 1,750.00       
Child 4ft. Below:  PHP    925.00                                

Friday - Sunday & Holiday :
Adult                    : PHP 1,900.00
Child 4ft. Below  :  PHP 1,000.00

Lunch at the waterfalls                  
Welcome drinks    
Museum Tour
Carabao Cart Ride
Free time activities: Bamboo Rafting, Village Tour

Cultural Show every weekends or holiday starts from 0200PM to 0315pm at the Pavilion Hall.   

Roundtrip Transportation not Included.

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